9 Creepy Works of Art Made by Criminals

Among the armamentarium deployed by modern psychology to assess the psycho-sociopathic criminal within everyone, is a battery of drawing tests. Supposedly, these tests can distinguish between people who are legitimate potential patients and people who are murderous psychopaths. The most well known of these tests are the HTP Test, short for House-Tree-Person Test, and the aptly named Goodenough Draw-A-Person test, both widely used, controversial and yielding interesting results. The subject of the drawings is obvious from the names, but the results, though perhaps not sufficient to classify someone as potentially murderous, are disturbing. Psychologists have noticed that certain people share artistic characteristics, for example the need to draw a female figure rather than a male one or decaying trees rather than healthy ones. Schizophrenics have been known to draw houses with arms and legs or doubling features on people, such as adding two noses or two sets of eyes. What it all means is subject to interpretation and that’s what makes these tests dubious diagnostic tools. Still, they do seem to reveal something about the “artist.” As Oscar Wilde once put it, “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” Here are 10 criminally insane works of art produced by criminals

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