The 10 Most Brutal Instruments of Torture

Man’s inventions have been for good and for evil, and sometimes for both moral extremes at the same time. The instruments of torture, for example, devised in the Middle Ages had “good” as the end result in mind by means of “evil”, both moral extremes encapsulated in one. Of course, the logic of this is faulty and downright twisted. A simple glance at one of these devices is enough to allow you to vicariously experience the pain the victims went through. These are the gadgets of the past, meant to extract confessions, gather information, dissuade and instil terror in men and women, for the “good” of all. War, murder, thievery, torture.. Who could doubt that man is the master of pain? Hold on to your breeches as you read about the 10 most brutal instruments of torture.

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