10 People Who Were Wrongly Sentenced to Death

Wrongly sentenced to death, and sometimes wrongly executed, this would certainly be considered a miscarriage of justice! Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of capital punishment is the certainty that must accompany the sentence. One must be dead certain (no pun intended) of a person’s guilt before sending a man (or woman) to his death. Unfortunately, this “certainty” is often omitted or overlooked, especially when other factors like politics or racial hatred, among others, take priority. Another surprising factor that has led, and still does, to wrongful convictions involving the death sentences (and otherwise) is the amount of shoddy policework, for which nobody is held accountable even though lives have been ruined, people have died and millions of dollars spent on a false and shameful mockery of justice. Since 1976, 1,400 people have been executed in the United States, and 150 of those have been exonerated as of December 10, 2014, in 26 different States. There’s no telling how many more were innocent. Let’s look at 10 people who were wrongly sentenced to death.

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