Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly | 10 Royals That Married Plebeians

Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly

The Hollywood beauty and legend met Rainier, The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, on a photo session at the Palace of Monaco. She had been delaying and cancelling the engagement for some time, but finally caved in and met the Monegasque prince. Although at the time she was romantically linked to French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont, they continued corresponding after Kelly had departed for the US. A few months later, the Prince was touring the US and visited Grace and her family. He proposed three days later. They were married on April 19, 1956, but the marriage was cut short on September 14, 1982 by Grace Kelly's car accident and untimely death. They had three children together. Her official title was Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco.

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