10 Spectacular World Festivals to See Before Dying

All cultures and nations have some sort of festival or celebration where the usual norms are relaxed, can be broken and the participants let their hair down. In Europe, the tradition of festivals has a long history, stemming from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, both of whom had religious festivals, harvest festivals and others. Examples of these are the Dionysia, the Panatheneia, the Saturnalia and the Bacchanalia. When the Christians took over the ancient world and transitioned into a new era, the early medieval age, the festivals remained but had metamorphosed to accommodate the Christian God, still other festivities were added to celebrate a saint or virgin. Today, these celebrations, vestiges from the past (granted, not all) are exhilarating, vibrant, colorful, a fresh burst of revelry and, of course, mad partying. Get your bags ready, here are some of the most spectacular world festivals to see before dying.

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