The Ouija Board | 10 Spine-Chilling Urban Legends from Childhood

The Ouija Board

This unique “board game” is rife with stories and myths, all of which would send us shuddering to bed with our sense of curiosity piqued but fearful of an actual encounter with a revenge-thirsty spirit. The Ouija board was first commercially sold by Elijah Bond, an American lawyer and inventor, and soon became popular in an era obsessed by spiritualism and communicating with deceased relatives in the netherworld. Perhaps the best-known urban legend surrounding the Ouija, and the one that inspired the chilling movie “The Exorcist,” is the one about a 14-year-old boy from Mount Rainier, Maryland, who became possessed by a demon after playing with the Ouija. He would suffer violent attacks, fits of rage, and many claimed that scratching noises could be heard from the walls. Objects would jump around and his bed shook violently when he was on it. One can easily see how this material would make for a great and terrifying movie; the moral of the story is quite obvious.

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