15 Promising Cures for Diseases Yet to Be Approved

The road to health is a long, tricky and winding one. Those who have had, or currently have, a serious, life-threatening or debilitating disease know that all too well. First you encounter the roadblocks: The delays or flat-out refusals to approve a life-saving drug or procedure even though clinical trials have been successfully completed and efficacy made patent. Then there are the detours: When access to effective therapies and drugs is impeded, sufferers turn to snake oil and the quacks that peddle them. It seems, at least in the US, that health is only for the wealthy few. Treatments and drugs are expensive, very expensive, and that means the sick and needy often die from their conditions without having even seen a doctor. In the US, that’s 45,000 people a year. With diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s, to name just a few, on the rise, this may well be something we cannot afford. Thankfully, there are a number of scientists and researchers who are treading the least expensive path to the benefit of all humanity. Here are 15 promising cures for diseases yet to be approved.

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