5 Intimidation Tactics Used in Warfare

“All is fair in love and war” goes the saying, absolutely everything, including psyops operations. Nothing is more important that gaining an edge over your opponent in battle, anything that could lead to a swift victory and avoid further bloodshed. Psyops, or intimidation tactics, have been used in warfare for centuries on one way or another. Alexander the Great would spread the rumor of his troop’s savagery to instill fear in the regions he wished to conquer. At times, the Macedonian had oversized body armor built that he would leave lying on battlefields so that stories would arise of gigantic men amongst his ranks. The Mongols used intimidation tactics to great effect. The Mongolian chieftain Tamerlane built a pyramid of 90,000 human heads in front of the walls of Delhi, to convince them to surrender during his Indian campaign. Here are 5 psyops tactics used in warfare today.

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