Propaganda | 5 Intimidation Tactics Used in Warfare


The mass media and communications technology in the 20th century has been effectively used as a psyops weapon. With Joseph Goebbels as his guide and advisor, Adolf Hitler was one of the first to employ technology to gain support from the masses for his belligerent plans. Goebbels showed great skill at manipulating his audiences and getting results using all means possible; from films to organizing large, outdoor rallies and comic books. The Allies also used propaganda to ensure a victory, especially regarding D-Day. The Americans and British created a fake operation called “Operation Quicksilver” as a decoy that would lead the Germans into thinking the invasion would be in Pas-de-Calais. The operation was successful. Other forms of propaganda include dropping leaflets into enemy territory encouraging desertion or disinformation and radio broadcasts. The latter have created veritable legends such as Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw, Axis Sally, and Seoul City Sue.

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