6 Great Leaders that Led Humble Lives

The ongoing (at least in some countries) 2008 economic meltdown has had unforeseen consequences around the world. Firstly, ordinary citizens have been introduced into the inner workings of the capitalist system, its shortcomings and the corruption within it. Secondly, and equally as important, ordinary citizens have suddenly discovered how politicians, and the ruling class in general, live virtually unscathed by the events that have ruined and destroyed the lives of millions. In general, politicians have propped themselves up as a distinct, privileged class who garner prestige and wealth by virtue of their position, and not necessarily their actions, and sometimes quite the contrary. Modesty, humbleness and the practice of preaching by deeds and not by words, are rare qualities in a politician, and indeed in leaders in general. As proof, in our search to compile this list, only two politicians could fit the bill, the rest are spiritual and religious leaders. The temptations of wealth, privilege and power are too great and human vanity too vast for those in positions of power to recognize the human condition. Here are 6 leaders that led humble lives.

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