8 Foods that Have Travelled through History

The distant regions of the earth are far closer than we think. In many ways, we are unknowingly closer to Mexico, China or Indonesia than we think, and with them, earlier civilizations long gone. Migrations, conquests and explorations have brought with them a piece of those lands in many forms, be it literature, language, customs, gods or foods that have become mainstays in the host culture. Food is the example we’re concerned with here because of its beguiling nature, fooling the eater as to its origins, hiding its ancestry, tricking us into believing its ours when in fact it’s from elsewhere. We take food for granted and give it a halo of innocence, but a great many foods we know have arrived as a result of wars and conquests or rough trading throughout the centuries, carrying a hefty cultural baggage and much history. What lies in our plate is more than just nourishment…it’s history on a platter. Here are some foods you knew nothing about.

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