8 Jobs Set to Disappear in the Next Ten Years

The job market in the US and Europe has been taking gigantic swings since the ‘80s. In that decade, the nation was hit hard by unemployment in key sectors like manufacturing, automaking, mining and steel. Those industries never recovered, jobs were destroyed and the losses were blamed on up and coming nations that proved to be stiff competitors, mostly Japan and the then West Germany. The late ‘90s and the first decade of the 21st century saw manufacturing and textile jobs move to China and other countries that could provide cheap labor, leaving the US and Europe sterile as far as manufacturing is concerned. So, yes, we’ve taken a beating, but it’s not over yet. With the great technological leap of the ‘90s came new industries, but it also destroyed others. Now, technology is advancing so quickly and is becoming so sophisticated that experts foresee the demise of even more jobs. This time, though, it will affect the middle class. Historical revenge? Perhaps; but what is sure is that the world we know is going to radically change forever. What jobs are going to disappear? Let’s take a look at some jobs that are set to disappear in the next ten years.

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