Robotaxis | 8 Movie Gadgets that Have Become a Reality


It was bound to happen. After all of the hullabaloo with Google’s driverless car, this was the obvious next step. The first city to implement this new, sustainable transportation system is Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates. The robotaxis employed in Masdar service 25,000 people a month and are the creation of a Dutch company called 2GetThere. It seems Masdar is not alone in its efforts to provide high-tech, sustainable public transportation. San José, California, the capital of Silicon Valley, is implementing its own Personal Rapid Transit System, or Podcars, as they are now known. The system involves a series of on-call, point-to-point transit cars which move about on main lines and intermediate stations to find the quickest route to a destination. In an ideal situation, that is, without traffic congestion, this mode of transit has been shown to be faster than other forms of mass transit or cars. The “matrix”, or looped layout structure of the network, allows for high-volume and is also expected to lessen the burden on conventional transit systems. There are also rumours that Google is jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Which movie? You saw this in Total Recall, where it was dubbed the “Johnnycab”, complete with an animatronic bust of a cabbie, but really, a terrible scene.

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