8 Very Real Apocalyptic Scenarios

Doomsday cometh! Hold your horses, though, there's still some time left. The apocalyptic genre has gained a wide following recently, especially in cinema, even though it dates back to at least 1916 with a Danish production entitled “The End of the World”. And one can argue that in literature the genre is even older, if we consider The Book of Revelation, sometimes referred to as the Apocalypse, in The Bible, and other early pieces of literature of gloom and doom. Today, people are pleasantly entertained and get their thrills watching these types of movies, knowing well that a warm, cozy home awaits them; and, anyway, it’s just a movie. Scientists, however, do worry about certain very possible scenarios that could wipe us off the face of the earth. Oh, and by the way, even though we associate the word apocalypse with the end of times, the word actually means a “revelation” in Greek. Here are some very real apocalyptic scenarios that scientists foresee.

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