The Uffington White Horse | 9 Archaelogical Finds We May Never Understand

The Uffington White Horse

One of the most magnificent and mysterious sights in England is the Uffington White Horse. Nestled atop a hill in the parish of Uffington, Oxfordshire, the White Horse carves a 115-meter trotting figure across the green hill overlooking the Vale of White Horse to the north. The elegant figure was created by digging trenches and filling them with crushed chalk. The figure dates back to the late Bronze Age (1000–700 BCE) and is similar to images found on Iron Age coins. Uffington Castle, an Iron Age fortress, lies nearby and experts believe the horse is a tribal symbol connected to the builders of the castle. There are also some Neolithic burial mounds in the area. But all this has not helped researchers to find out its true function.

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