Temporary Social Media | 9 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013

Temporary Social Media

The recent disclosures of massive NSA spying across the world; the fact that most social media preserve your posts, pics, videos and more, and the internet’s sometimes annoying sense of permanency, has made Snapchat very useful, exciting and all the rage. But what’s it all about? Snapchat lets users take photos, record videos, add text and drawings and then send them to a controlled list of friends. Users can set a time limit of “viewability” for their posts and then they disappear from the recipient’s view and are erased from the servers, totally the opposite of Facebook. What’s the big deal? Facebook and Twitter record and store ALL of your interactions, comments, posts, pics, you name it, and they then become part of your permanent internet record. In a nutshell: Worry-free online socializing.

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