9 Libido-Boosting Foods

A quick whirl around the virtual universe in search of aphrodisiacs or libido-boosting food is enough to show you that pretty much everything and anything can raise the dead and warm cold beds. Historically, the most unpalatable substances were thought to have libidinal properties. The Greeks and Romans had their garum, fermented fish intestines, while the Chinese had (and still do) powdered rhinoceros horn or tiger genitals (and the consequent and thoughtless extinction of whole animal species). Skinks, a type of lizard, were once thought to be an aphrodisiac; Galen, the Roman physician, believed gassy food would inflate the penis; Spanish flies, assorted scrotums, oysters and caterpillars, you name it, at one point, or still today, conjure erections and heat the desire. Sex, that vital urge, needs to be fanned perpetually, lest we find ourselves dead in our living bodies. And if all fails, there’s still Viagra. Here are some less unsavoury aphrodisiacs.

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