9 Mystifying Cases of the Doppelganger Phenomenon

At this point in history, most people are acquainted with the term Doppelganger, one of the most terrifying phenomenon a person could ever experience. In case you’re new to the term here’s a brief explanation. Doppelganger refers to the double of a living person. Yes, that’s right, you may have a double out there somewhere. Although the common usage of the term today refers to someone who looks a lot like you, more akin to mistaken identity, in reality, doppelganger is more than that. Your doppelganger is you, in some other time but visible now; the paranormal duplicate of a real person. It can be the harbinger of bad luck, observed as you die, or before you die, the portent of illness or death, an omen of danger, or simply you before you. Present in mythology and literature, and depicted in art, it was once considered a paranormal event, and thus discredited. Modern psychiatry, however, has linked it to bouts of epilepsy and schizophrenia. Other studies of “sane” people have proven that the occurrence is commonplace and not necessarily pathological in nature. If your sense of curiosity has piqued now, try staring at yourself in a mirror straight in the eyes for 10 minutes, then close them momentarily and open them again. That disturbing feeling, that uneasiness you experience from looking deep within yourself is your doppelganger struggling to get out. Fear not! Let us take a closer look at some of the most mystifying cases of the doppelganger phenomenon.

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