10 Animals Soon to Become Extinct. A Farewell to The Beasts

On February 2014, the largest elephant in the world was killed and mutilated by poachers who lusted after the prodigious pachyderm’s tusks. The bull elephant was known as Satao. His tusks were so large that they almost touched the ground as he walked and weighed 100 pounds each. Satao himself weighed more than seven tons and the ground beneath him trembled at his passing. Someone thought that Satao’s tusks, and the ivory they would provide, were more important than the majestic behemoth’s own life, so after killing him with poisoned arrows, the method of choice these days to avoid detection, they butchered his face to remove the booty. Someone’s mantelpiece will soon be weighed down with Satao’s tusks turned into a gaudy decoration; the last remains of a noble beast. But Satao’s demise is not unique. More than 25,000 African elephants are slaughtered each year for their tusks, bringing one of the most beautiful and intelligent species ever closer to the brink of extinction. And Satao’s kind are not the only endangered species. Either directly or indirectly, man has ensured that he alone will walk the earth. Soon it will be time for a farewell to the beasts. Sadly, here are 10 animals soon to be extinct forever.

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