Vandellia Cirrhosa | Bloodcurdling Parasites You'll Wish You Didn't Know About

Vandellia Cirrhosa

Also known as Candiru or vampire fish, lives in the waterways of the Amazon Basin that stretches throughout Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Candiru is attracted to the ammonia emitted from other fish, which pursues with ill intent, and lodges itself onto its prospective host’s gills using a sharp spine to feed off of its blood. So far so good. The problem for humans is that an unsuspecting victim who naively relieves himself in these waterways may haplessly become Candiru’s next sorry host. Apparently, Candiru detects the ammonia from a stream of urine and, defying fluid physics, swims upstream and lodges itself in the urethra of the victim. Of course, Candiru has no prejudice against women and can just as easily lodge itself in a woman’s vaginal canal. Only surgery can remove the parasite from the urethra or vagina canal.

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