Armpit Sniffer | The Most Bizarre Jobs in the World

Armpit Sniffer

Modern marketing techniques ensure that potential customers will be visually drawn to their products but who ensures that the product itself works according to its promise? In comes the odor judge, a job only those with the most sensitive schnoz can perform. Armpit sniffers is just one category within this highly specialized field that includes professionals that can determine the effectiveness of paper towels, halitosis, feet (insoles), cat litter, and diapers. Armpit sniffers work for deodorant companies. They may spend their days in a hot room sniffing up to 60 armpits an hour to determine the effectiveness of deodorant in controlling sweaty smells and then write up reports on the effectiveness of the different deodorants involved. The work requires both a good sense of smell and a willingness to smell someone else's sweaty body. Salaries range from $19,000 to $52,000 a year, varying with experience and seniority.

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