Casanova | The Most Notorius Womanizers in History


The 18th century Venetian adventurer and writer, Giacomo Casanova, literally bedded himself into history, having his name adopted to define a “promiscuous and unscrupulous womanizer” after his death. Throughout his life, he travelled extensively around Europe and met the most notable figures of the era, including Mozart, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and a long list of royals, popes and artists. While he was busy discussing politics and philosophy with these figures, he also found time to seduce countless women, gamble and put his palate to the test with the finest wines and cuisine in whatever land he found himself in. Sometimes, his affairs caused him many enemies and he found himself jailed. Nearing the end of his life, he settled down and wrote his memoirs where he describes in detail his scandalous life and affairs, all 122 of them.

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