Forensic Entomologist | Tough Jobs that Are Not for the Faint-Hearted

Forensic Entomologist

Combining the skills and creepiness of a forensic pathologist, a pest control worker and a mortician, the forensic entomologist deals with the blood-curdling holy trinity of the macabre: death, blood and insects. Specifically, the forensic entomologist studies the insects that infest human remains to aid legal investigations. Forensic entomologists use the life cycle of insects found on dead bodies to determine how long a person has been dead. For example, the presence of fly eggs may show that someone has been dead for only a few minutes, while the presence of beetles may show that an individual has been dead for over a week. By determining the time of death, forensic entomologists play an important role in helping other forensic scientists reconstruct the events leading up to a person's death, thereby helping to solve the case. If you can’t stomach the sight of blood and dead bodies, and insects creep you out, this is clearly not the career choice for you.

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